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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Please pause a moment to take in the smiling faces of Elders who are aging in place and enjoying life on their own terms.

The tragic effects on Elders living in nursing homes during the Covid-19 pandemic have taught us that remaining in your home is more than a fervent desire – it’s an urgent imperative. It’s the lack of planning that often results in unwanted nursing home placements. Aging in place is a choice you must plan for.

The experts at Your Age in Place Plan are on a mission to empower Elders to remain in the homes of their choice. In a dynamic, virtual interview session we help each person create a detailed, individualized written plan that serves as a road map for successful aging in place. The benefit to Elders and their families is immeasurable.

If you, or an Elder you know and care about has a vision for aging in place please visit our website to learn more: and sign up for a free introductory consultation.

We owe it to our Elders to make aging in place a reality.

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