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My Mission

Is simple.  Provide Elders with a tool, Your Age In Place Plan, to support their vision and intention to remain in their home of choice as they age.

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My Story

I was raised in a medical family.  My dad was a doctor, my mom was a nurse. Dinner conversations revolved around patients and their symptoms. Medicine became my native language, and learning about conditions, treatments and healing was a familiar and intriguing part of my world. 


When a family medical crisis arose, I found myself coordinating and managing my father’s health care needs. I experienced firsthand the challenges that Elders face and could see that if I did not take an assertive role, he would not receive the quality of care he needed and deserved.

This led me to founding Care For Our Elders in 2005, offering care management and consulting services in Western Massachusetts. 


In earning a certificate in Gerontology and becoming certified as a Geriatric Care Manager and Aging Life Care Professional 

I bring to my work a special passion for supporting Elders and an understanding of the many health, financial and social issues that affect them. 

I witness time and again the many ways that planning and managing details can tangibly change the quality of the aging process for Elders.  Preventing issues by catching them early is key to helping my clients sustain their goal of aging in place.


My experiences continue to inform and inspire Your Age In Place Plan, which allows me to expand the reach of my work in a specific way, empowering a wide audience of Elders wishing to remain in their homes as they age.

Janet Bunce, CMC

Certified Care Manager

Aging Life Care Professional



My mother and me

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Memberships, Associations and Key Corporate Organizations:

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   Senior Health Advisory Group

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