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Family Caregiver Support Services are provided by Janet Bunce, CMC, Certified Care Manager, Care for Our Elders, LLC

What’s It All About?

Whether families live locally (western Massachusetts) or at a distance, having a professional resource they can easily access for tips and ideas about care giving issues is of tremendous value. 


While caring for an Elder family member can be rewarding it most certainly will be all consuming. You may suddenly find yourself in the middle of a role reversal where you are called upon to be in a parent-like position with your Elder. This is very likely uncharted territory.  Support, perspective, and a sympathetic ear can mean the difference between overwhelm and a planned, well considered approach that benefits the Elder as well as the family caregiver.

Assisting the Elder
family support how does it work

How Does It Work?

In a family caregiver support session I communicate by phone or video conference with local families and those at a distance who are experiencing significant

challenges managing the care needs of an Elder. We explore practical, non-medical tips relating to critical details or big picture issues impacting the health, happiness or safety of an Elder family member.  We may establish a conceptual framework that family caregivers can rely on and return to whenever issues arise.

The Results

Often just a session or two can help put families with Elders at ease and on the right track to implementing a plan of care and accessing resources wherever they live. Family members experience a significant decrease in stress knowing they are not alone in their caregiving efforts.  With a professional care manager at hand they are freed up to interact with their Elder as a caring relative, not the manager of all things and every outcome. The overall well-being of the Elder improves and precious relationships are maintained.

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Contact us with questions about family caregiver support.

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