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They promised their aging parents: “You won’t ever have to go to a nursing home. I will help you stay in your home.”


The burden and stress of fulfilling their promise is taking a heavy toll, especially at work.

A growing percentage of corporate employees are balancing work responsibilities with caregiving for an aging parent. 


The result, in a word is presenteeism - physically present but emotionally distracted workers.  

Your Age in Place plan can help.

Corporate Employee Assistance Programs seek to reduce the effects of presenteeism by offering targeted support for employees caring for aging parents. 


Your Age in Place Plan is a dynamic, interactive assessment conducted virtually with Elders by phone or video conference.  Guided by The Age in Place Expert, the process uncovers what it will take for the aging parent to remain healthy, happy and safe in the home of their choice.  Critical details are identified that will help define successful aging in place.


A written plan, delivered after the assessment, is fully customized to each Elder. It becomes a planning tool, full of action steps and useful resources. 

The effects of presenteeism are mostly silent while having a significant effect on a corporation’s bottom line. 


Employees caring for aging parents may experience:

  • Reduced productivity

  • Interruptions for caregiving

  • Missed days

  • Arriving late – leaving early

  • Leaves of absence

  • Difficulty maintaining work roles

  • Stalled or interrupted group projects

Hard-working sons and daughters find relief and reassurance having a distinct plan to help their parent age in place. Fullfilling this promise has immeasurable value to Elders and families alike.   

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