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Western Massachusetts

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Care Management Services are provided by Janet Bunce, CMC, Certified Care Manager, Care for Our Elders, LLC

What’s It All About?

Caring for Elders is a complex and challenging journey. Having a trusted professional take care of all the details assures an Elder’s needs for health, happiness and safety are met and they can enjoy their families, friends, and community  connections that nourish them.

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How We Help

Courtesy of Aging Life Care Association

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How Does It Work?

As a Certified Care Manager, I bring 15 years of experience and advanced training in gerontology and care management to working with Elders and their families.  I consider it a privilege to offer my knowledge, training and passion to walking the path of Elder care with them.


I meet with families to determine the goals and needs for caring for their Elder. In partnership with them, their Elder, and health care providers a customized care plan is created to address these needs. The care plan is put into effect and I oversee all aspects of it to make sure it continues to be effective and any changes or adjustments are made as the need arises.

Courtesy of Aging Life Care Association

The Results

I develop a deep understanding, care and concern for my clients.  

This allows me to effectively address challenges and solve problems they may be experiencing, responding with solutions that align with their goals, values, and preferences for care.  In short, Elders’ health concerns are managed, happiness is enhanced, and safety is protected.


Specific benefits include:

  • cost savings from planning and customized interventions

  • peace of mind for families with a professional set of eyes and ears in the home

  • crises mediated with an appropriate response, 24/7

  • dignity, independence and reasonable self-determination are preserved

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